The end is usually just the beginning

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After the wave of revival in recent weeks, the scene seems to regulate itself again have to be. It takes seasoned artists as well as once treated as a potential size newcomers.

End of March, the Visual-metal band Ancestral went to a break. However, has announced to come together again in the future. The group was at least in the business since late 2001.

Also in break, went Monokuro Kinema. On 22 April got out of their drummer, so the remaining musicians, the date associated with your preliminary end.

misaruka issued on 27 May in a break. Cause is the loss of their guitarist mizuki to the much more lucrative project Lin KISAKI. The guitarist is, however, act in concert as the outstanding support.

On 23 April MaitoreiA ended their activities after the singer announced by his exit. This solves the band around the former bassist metronome on RIU after little more than a year.

ClearVeil in contention in UNDER CODE contract will be on 4 July with a man live in NAGOYA ELL liquidated. This loses the popular label of one of its flagships.

The completeness sake would be even mentioned the following addenda:

C4 issued on 23 May break, because guitarist Shunsuke - made famous by Vasalla and JILS - exiting.

kelli, the band of Erize (ex-Karen), marhi (ex-NEVER CRAZY) and Shio (ex HISKAREA, La: Sadie's), dismatched 16 April after three years of existence on.

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