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2010 D celebrate its seventh birthday. Although there were earlier this year, an accident in which Asagi crashed during a fan club concert, the band has survived quite well. On their new album "7th Rose", which was created during the fan club tour, we present D this time its exceptionally deep, evocative world view. Although the band had difficulty overcame the musicians do a lot of power and thereby grew. That you can hear very clearly in their music.

At the end of January, an accident in which Asagi crashed during the fan club tour in Nagoya. Can you tell me anything about this incident, how did you feel?

HIROKI: the Nagoya concert has been canceled. We chose four of us but therefore to occur, since Asagi told us enthusiastically, "I will necessarily mean that you are playing the Lives in Osaka and Tokyo, and when you are only four of us." We have long talked about it and thought, as though we could make good concerts without him and have him then shown the set list drawn up by us and sought his advice. In effect, we have learned a lot ... I think we have gained much confidence, so that we, as Asagi was back were better and stronger.

HIDE-ZOU: I had to think about many things during this time. Normally Asagi has been working on our concert schedule, but this time we had to think about it four so we could see our weaknesses more objective, we also had a greater awareness for how we can transform our weaknesses into strengths.

Ruiza: During the two concerts (in Osaka and Tokyo) have supported us the fans very much. You have really given us much strength.

Tsunehito looked when the audience the stage without Asagi, it seemed at the beginning to be confused. But she sang with all their force to replace Asagi. I was so grateful. I am forever grateful to our fans, but this time much, much more.

For us, it is better if such a thing does not even happen ... but you have saved the situation. And the fact that you could convert something into something positive, will affect your future. If you can have a bond that has arisen from this situation, stronger still do, then your band is thus stronger.

Asagi: I am very sorry that many of our fans have worried. It was very regrettable. I've never collapsed during a concert and I thought I could it with my mental strength remaining, even if I did not feel good. I think I was just reprocessed and then came out suddenly. I knew something was wrong, but I just could not shift down a gear. The doctor at the hospital said that the only way is to recover a break, but we could not but cancel the whole tour. Of course I take tablets, but I am now working hard to make a good album as possible. I am really grateful to my band mates and of course the fans and the crew that has supported the other for the remaining concerts. Honestly, I was moved to tears when I saw the live DVD and the music heard, which is incorporated. I was encouraged by so many people and I am looking forward to all as soon as possible to show an even more active and even more D.

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