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  • New Single from girugameshDatum16.07.2010 16:59
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Girugamesh

    Good news for all girugamesh Fans: 7. July has finally found a successor to the album "NOW" in the Form a new Single appear. They will be the first Release of Rockband in this year, after the last Album was released in December 2009.

    So far, the CD still no names, but it is already known that it also has a limited Version including a DVD. This will be recordings of girugameshs PREMIUM ONEMAN SHOW 2010 from January and 31. Tourdokumentation TOUR 2010 This is "NOW" will be, during the regular edition of the Single a third Track include.

    On 2. July is the Band a Summertour across Japan start.

  • The next Gan-Shin-HighlightsDatum16.07.2010 16:55
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Girugamesh

    Already on 15. January opened Gan-Shin new year with the Release of "Shinra Bansho - Setsuri". The Album is the maiden of XodiacK (UK-Band) and the music is as "Galaxy Metal" described. The disc shows nine Tracks.

    For February are the Highlights of two: one girugamesh present their new disc "NOW" on 12. February in Germany too, drawing on the Euro oil nor the two bonus tracks "BORDER" and "crying total of 14 rain", so Songs, are represented. And the other pull Mix Speaker's,Inc. only a few weeks later, more precisely on 28., with the Euro oil of MUSIC!" "BIG BANG.

    And last but one must not least on 5. March on Zoros Album "CORE" pleased. Also increase two bonus tracks ("pink" and "warp") the total number of Songs on proud 14.

  • Syu covert the WestDatum16.07.2010 16:50
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Galneryus

    Syu, one of the most popular guitarists Japan, in the autumn is a Cover-Album. "CRYING STARS ~STAND PROUD~" from 29. September driven by official website.

    The Tracklist welcomes but not only Metalfans:

    ・ Against The Wind (STRATOVARIUS)
    ・ The Spirit Carries On (DREAM THEATER)
    ・ Street Lethal (RACER X)
    ・ Red Sky (M.S.G)
    ・ Silverwing (ARCH ENEMY)
    ・ Never Die (YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN)
    ・ Alone (HEART)
    ・ We'll Burn The Sky (SCORPIONS)
    ・ The Damnation Game (SYMPHONY X)
    ・ I Remember You (SKID ROW)
    ・ Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist (MUSE)
    ・ Only For The Weak (IN FLAMES)

    As he sought Aufnahmesupport alongside members of his two Bands and GALNERYUS SPINALCORD including Takenori Shimoyama (DOUBLE still DEALER), KATSUJI (THE CRO-MAGNONS, Gargoyle), PANTHER (ex- SEX MACHINEGUNS), Ruiza (D), Leda (DELUHI).

  • NEW SINGELDatum16.07.2010 16:47
    Foren-Beitrag von reita1 im Thema NEW SINGEL

    So I think all the songs toll of the gazette, I must say ...
    But to Sony Entertaiment seh really should not go to delete the Video'S from Youtube out -.-

  • Galneryus' AwakeningDatum16.07.2010 16:45
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Galneryus

    After in front of a considerable period of time the personnel changes in the Band had turned, and instead singer YAMA-B and Bassist YU-TO (DELUHI) now Masatoshi Ono and respective Taka the Band complete, is now a new Album at the ready. With the title "Ressurection" the group to the popular guitarists Syu on 23. June eleven tunes. We must therefore be curious about how the Band musically developed.

    At the same time, a nationwide tour announced. This is the Band between August and the 20. 12. September in eight cities guest.

  • NEW SINGELDatum15.07.2010 18:30
    Foren-Beitrag von reita1 im Thema NEW SINGEL

    Indeed, it was no longer need for a CD's to wait ^^ but happy to get anyway =)

  • GaGaalinG separatedDatum15.07.2010 14:42
    Thema von reita1 im Forum GaGaalinG

    On 17. July is the Band GaGaalinG stop their activities.
    The last concert will be on this day in the Takadanobaba Club Phase.

    As Trennungsgrund were as so often musical differences.
    The Band thanks all Fans for their support.

  • exist†trace Europa-TourDatum15.07.2010 14:32
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Exist†Trace

    The girls from exist†trace honor again European plains, have been five Shows in the European tour confirmed:

    25.04.10 Moskau - XO Club
    28.04.10 Helsinki - Tavastia
    30.04.10 Berlin - Columbia Club
    01.05.10 Bochum - Zeche
    07.05.10 Barcelona - Salamandra 1

    More CONCERTDATES will follow.

  • 08.04.2009 Naoto leaves DEATHGAZEDatum15.07.2010 14:06
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Deathgaze

    DEATHGAZE guitarist Naoto will leave his Band this month. This, he wrote:

    "I know that my decision suddenly. I am on 26. April one last time
    with DEATHGAZE in the Takadanobaba AREA occur and the Band then leave.

    I am sorry that all this happens so abruptly and I thank the Fans, who support me and I backs strengths.

    My exit has personal reasons and under the current circumstances I could continue DEATHGAZE impossible.

    I am glad that the other Members understand this.

    I hope that appear on 26. April and will support us, nothing would me happier.
    Please continue DEATHGAZE remains loyal. It is in your hand.

    - Naoto"

  • 23.06.2009 DEATHGAZE log backDatum15.07.2010 14:00
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Deathgaze

    After recently had lost their guitarists Naoto DEATHGAZE, announced for 9. September the publication of a new album. "For THE CONTINUATION" stand Ai the microphone. It also considers the disc newly recorded versions of older Songs like "Yami ni ame fukaishita sekai" and "Dies Irae", as well as the new Singles "kiss me", "insult" and a Piano DEAREST variant of "amends", ready.

    September from 10. The volume within a short One-Man Tour in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. The title of the tour is UNITE THE BLOOD.

  • aois (ayabie) SOLOPROJECTDatum15.07.2010 13:52
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Ayabie

    ayabie's Vokalist aoi, the first publication of the new Soloprojekts announced. The un titled Maxi-Single, whose Titeltrack by the way for a CM is used for 8. In September.

    As so often expect us two versions: the first contains only the CD with three Songs and their instrumental against plays. The second, while only with two Tracks (+ Instrumentalversionen) offer,, however, comes in addition to a DVD on the up a PV, the Making of and an Interview.

  • D InterviewDatum12.07.2010 19:59
    Thema von reita1 im Forum D

    2010 D celebrate its seventh birthday. Although there were earlier this year, an accident in which Asagi crashed during a fan club concert, the band has survived quite well. On their new album "7th Rose", which was created during the fan club tour, we present D this time its exceptionally deep, evocative world view. Although the band had difficulty overcame the musicians do a lot of power and thereby grew. That you can hear very clearly in their music.

    At the end of January, an accident in which Asagi crashed during the fan club tour in Nagoya. Can you tell me anything about this incident, how did you feel?

    HIROKI: the Nagoya concert has been canceled. We chose four of us but therefore to occur, since Asagi told us enthusiastically, "I will necessarily mean that you are playing the Lives in Osaka and Tokyo, and when you are only four of us." We have long talked about it and thought, as though we could make good concerts without him and have him then shown the set list drawn up by us and sought his advice. In effect, we have learned a lot ... I think we have gained much confidence, so that we, as Asagi was back were better and stronger.

    HIDE-ZOU: I had to think about many things during this time. Normally Asagi has been working on our concert schedule, but this time we had to think about it four so we could see our weaknesses more objective, we also had a greater awareness for how we can transform our weaknesses into strengths.

    Ruiza: During the two concerts (in Osaka and Tokyo) have supported us the fans very much. You have really given us much strength.

    Tsunehito looked when the audience the stage without Asagi, it seemed at the beginning to be confused. But she sang with all their force to replace Asagi. I was so grateful. I am forever grateful to our fans, but this time much, much more.

    For us, it is better if such a thing does not even happen ... but you have saved the situation. And the fact that you could convert something into something positive, will affect your future. If you can have a bond that has arisen from this situation, stronger still do, then your band is thus stronger.

    Asagi: I am very sorry that many of our fans have worried. It was very regrettable. I've never collapsed during a concert and I thought I could it with my mental strength remaining, even if I did not feel good. I think I was just reprocessed and then came out suddenly. I knew something was wrong, but I just could not shift down a gear. The doctor at the hospital said that the only way is to recover a break, but we could not but cancel the whole tour. Of course I take tablets, but I am now working hard to make a good album as possible. I am really grateful to my band mates and of course the fans and the crew that has supported the other for the remaining concerts. Honestly, I was moved to tears when I saw the live DVD and the music heard, which is incorporated. I was encouraged by so many people and I am looking forward to all as soon as possible to show an even more active and even more D.

  • Yuina is leaving DollyDatum12.07.2010 19:47
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Dolly

    After the concerts on 4 and 5 November in LIQUIDROOM ebisu Yuina guitarist will be leaving the Visual Kei rock band Dolly.

    Yuina has been ill for several months and that made him on 10 May at the One-Man to appear in the Nihon Seinenkan impossible to work with Dolly. Following this, the band paused, hoping that their guitar player again can completely recover from the disease, and booked the two above-mentioned comeback concerts.

    In a message on her official website states that this is the best solution was superior to many others. They also apologize to it that they have prepared their fans worry and that they had to wait so long for a reunion. Although the five members is not as much time left, the whole band is assumed, however, that they get up to that day, the full support their fans.

  • Dio announce their dissolutionDatum12.07.2010 19:34
    Thema von reita1 im Forum Dio - distraught overlord

    On their side, the band announced recently with that they are on a last-man in the Takadanobaba AREA 13th March will be liquidated. The musicians thanked the fans and recalled with favor on the tours overseas.

    After her last appearance in Europe began to break the internal volume, with the much discussed and was thinking about a new beginning. Ultimately, they agreed but only on the resolution, for which we apologize to the fans who have hoped for a return of Dio.

    But the message is not as bad as they seem at first glance. Namely, the band actually called it a fresh start under a new name. This would facilitate the musicians of the fact their sound to Change customer. For this purpose, but they would need more time, so a concrete date for the return was not announced.

  • Dir en grey LIVE in the UKDatum12.07.2010 19:27
    Thema von reita1 im Forum DIR EN GREY

    Dir en Grey honor again in the summer european realms. On 1 August, the band at the Knebworth Festival in Sonisphere (UK) play. Whether this appearance for a few more dates in the form of a European tour to join remains to be seen.

  • Dir en grey Live DVDDatum12.07.2010 19:25
    Thema von reita1 im Forum DIR EN GREY

    After the publication of the single "Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu yami no" late last year, Dir en gray now announced the publication of a DVD known.

    "UROBOROS-with the proof in the name of living ...- IN NIPPON BUDOKAN is on 26 May in Japan come to market and recordings of the concerts at the Nippon Budokan of 9 and 10 January this year included. The DVD is almost the same time in Europe over its local label Gan-Shin published in Germany, it is from 28 May 2010 to be available.

    Dir en Grey as well working on a new album, about which, however, nothing is further known.

  • V-Rock Festival LIVE transmissionDatum12.07.2010 19:21
    Thema von reita1 im Forum DaizyStripper

    The V-ROCK Festival09 - according to own statements, the biggest event of the Visual Kei world is - on 24 and 25 October in the halls of the Makuhari Messe in Chiba to take place. About 50 bands will be a week-long four stage play, scene sizes including how the GazettE, D'espairsRay, Alice Nine and PENICILLIN. Even overseas star Marilyn Manson will be there. In addition to these concerts, many other events are offered, such as signing session with the artists and various shops.

    The live broadcast of this event is to take place worldwide over the Internet, by 11 clock to the event at the end of the day, 21 clock. With four stages and partly simultaneous performances, however, can not all concerts will be transferred completely. To watch the concerts can be at least Windows Media Player 9 and a current version of Adobe's Flash Player installed on your PC. In addition, a broadband connection is required from a MB. From 20 October is a special software are available, with which the show can be viewed, prior to a test the transfers.

  • D = OUT with a new record companyDatum12.07.2010 19:09
    Thema von reita1 im Forum D=OUT

    The young UK band D = OUT, which recently was traveling in Europe, has left her record label SPEED DISK. As the band announced on its website, it is now at Indie-PSC contract. On the homepage of the label must be read before, that D = OUT in September to a single and a live DVD released.

    D = OUT BORN already are after the second volume, change in this year of Indie-PSC.

  • Signings of HANGRY & ANGRY and D = OUTDatum12.07.2010 19:07
    Thema von reita1 im Forum D=OUT

    To you, to the Berlin concert on 23.05. tune, HANGRY & ANGRY will be on Saturday, 22.05. give clock at 16:00 at Alexanderplatz in the Media Markt (Berlin), an autograph session with show deposit.

    Am 05.06. 17:15 bis 18:15 clock give of D = OUT before her concert in Munich, an autograph session in Neo Tokyo Store. The organizers point out that only official merchandise is signed.

  • D = OUT album in EuropeDatum12.07.2010 19:06
    Thema von reita1 im Forum D=OUT

    A month before the group traveled for the second time the old continent, the local label CLJ her last month released album "CARNIVAL Ukiyo published" in Europe. The remarkable thing is that there is a special pressure will be for the European market, in addition to 12 pieces of the bonus track "SAKURA refrain" contains. Additionally you get the money for a DVD that will be located three music videos and exclusive live recording of "Beauty Hanasaki.

    Remember: In Germany the band is 30 May in Hamburg, the second June in Cologne on 5 Occur in June in Munich.

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